Her Home: Is this woman-centric marketing?

According to today’s Business Journal http://albany.bizjournals.com/albany/stories/2008/01/14/story3.html, the Hampton Inn in downtown Albany, New York, is going to be offering a women-only floor to female guests.  Guests will receive special amenities and services and the security of having exclusive access to the floor.  Of course, security comes at a price.  Twenty dollars extra a night, to be exact.  Perhaps it helps that the electronic keys granting that exclusive access are pink.  And we know all women like pink.  Right? 


What are your thoughts about this latest innovation in the lodging industry?



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8 responses to “Her Home: Is this woman-centric marketing?

  1. tiffanyreilley

    Haven’t these sort of things been around for years and they have called them “men’s clubs”? But instead of men smoking cigars and talking poltics, its women getting charged extra for massages and steam rooms.

    I say if you want those extras, pay the $20. It is cheaper than most places. Otherwise, if you just need a place to feel safe while travelling, contact AAA or that city’s visitors center. They have a list of reputable hotels wherever you are travelling.

  2. Maybe it’s just me. Usually I get in too late to take advantage of the perqs. So $20 extra just for a cookie and to stay on a women-only floor seems like a money grab. Well…that and the pink keys put me off a bit. Not everything has to be pink to appeal to women.

  3. dancingdiva123

    Here’s the thing folks, apparently no one in that hotel’s marketing department has ever watched a 48 Hours Mystery or Dateline special. It is a fact, women do commit crimes, so making a floor all women and not telling me the safety features included on that floor is not going to make me feel better. Also, the idea of appealing to women through soft socks and food is just down right condensending. I bet if they had an all male floor, they would market it as a sports bar, cigar shop and have blue keys. Come on folks, wake up and smell the gourmet coffee burning. Keep me safe, give me healthy eating options and give me peace and quiet. Now that would be worth the extra $20 a night.

  4. That’s the thing Dancing Diva. The studies show that women want healthy food choices these days – not so much the cookies and other indulgences. Plus, of course, the security factor is an ever-increasing concern. So this marketing scheme is about a decade or two behind times. And …personally, I find the extra $20 a night offensive. Do you want my business or not? Or is this just a ploy to squeeze a bit more money out of what the hotels perceive to be naive women? But that’s just me….

  5. groovingrannie875309

    Anyone see the name of the resturant they encourage women to eat and network in? American Brassiere! I could not stop laughing when I read that! It always amazes me when hotels, car lots, resturants and businesses think they are appealing to women when they flash pink ribbons and fancy food at us. And those pink keys supporting breast cancer? Honey, I don’t need my hotel to tell me to get my annual checkup! I wonder if they have the same medical advice in the men’s room or offer men the same ammenities? Here’s your cigar and if you are feeling a little insecure about eating alone, there is a sports bar called “Heart Attack Up Ahead” in the lounge. Here’s your blue key and enjoy your stay.

  6. whatlolawants

    This brings up an interesting discussion for hotel management. What if someone is transgender and they want to stay on the female floor? Also, what if I show up in drag? Can they honestly ask me for my id and tell me I am not “female” enough for the floor? Before companies start offering “female only” floors and options, maybe they need to define what their definition of female is. That way, I know how to dress for that all female networking dinner.

  7. highlights8616

    Frankly, this is just an idotic idea to make women even more paranoid then we normally really are. Ohh..you better stay on the all women’s floor to make sure that you are going to be safe. And just in case you forget that you need your annual female checkup, here is a pink key to remind you that you or someone you may know may get cancer. Skip the condensing pink keys and the doctor’s opionon. If you are going to charge me extra, I better have an amazing view and 24 hour valet service. Now those I would take advantage of and not feel like I am being used.

  8. annmarie3716

    This story certainly was entertaining if not informative! It amazes me that we still allow businesses to overcharge for security, networking opportunities and “additional amenities”. If they switched out the word “woman” with a racial profile or ethnic profile, not only would there be several protests about this, but lawmakers would be standing up shouting “That’s not right!” Why is it okay to use the word “woman or women” in that same context? Women out there do not be seduced with pink keys and the illusion of extra security. If they want our money, how about treating us with respect and not just a label?

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