HER HOME: Who Likes to be Hosed?


According to a June 5 report in the esteemed Wall Street Journal, there is a rather heated debate over the merits of panty hose in today’s business world.  Boomer women, known sometimes for their bra-burning days in the 60’s, apparently aren’t so quick to give up their panty hose in the corporate ladder climb.  Many younger women, on the other hand (or leg), have never even worn a pair to work or otherwise.  The WSJ report does mention that the Midwestern Dons of the Dress Code are less likely to give up the nylon.  


WSJ also pointed out that one male reader –in the interest of research, of course – wore panty hose under his suit trousers for several weeks to discover if ties or panty hose were more uncomfortable.  His conclusion was that he liked panty hose better. 


Check out the article here:



And let us know what you think of panty hose.  Do you own a pair?  When was the last time you wore panty hose?



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3 responses to “HER HOME: Who Likes to be Hosed?

  1. singleinthecity1984

    Actually pantyhose or tights come in real handy when you work on the East Coast and walk several blocks to work in the winter. They are a sexy option than long johns!

  2. tiffanyreilley

    The great debate wages on. To wear pantyhose or not to wear pantyhose, that is the question. One of my friends aboluselty swears that in a corporate evirnoment, you HAVE to wear pantyhose. I think there are times when they are appriorate and other times you can skip it. If it is hotter than 90 degrees outside, skip it. It could make the ride home uncomfortable. 40 degrees and below, I agree with SITC. It keeps you warm.

  3. whatlolawants

    For me, pantyhose gives we a wide variety of options and helps keeps things lifted, smooth and in place. My mother always said, there are three things women should never leave home without, their purse, their brains and a great support hose system. If you looked pulled together, people will treat you like you have your life together, even if you are falling apart.

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